519: Rab Cat for the Win

It's funny how things you do for your own pleasure can end up really helping you in life. My husband started a tech blog on a whim. He'd been told it could make him a better programmer. That was over a year ago. He doesn't really promote it and has hardly any readers, but every week without fail he puts up a post, even if it means coming to bed at 3 AM to do so. Back in December he started job hunting and put the blog on his resume. Lo and behold the truly awesome place that hired him mentioned that one of the things that caught their eye was his blog. One of his interviewers even said that he didn't need to test his coding ability, because the snippets on the blog told him everything he needed to know. Doing a project may not be your direct link to fame and fortune, but if you're going to do something, do it right, it's much more satisfying that way and you never know when or how it could help you.