529: Taking Liberties

There are a lot of people who weren't fond of Bush Jr. as a president. Usually I'm not one for complaining about politics, but I admit I have a special vendetta against him, because he's the president who ruined Daylight's Savings time. In Maine it used to be perfect, sunset would become an hour earlier right at Halloween, creating a longer window for trick-or-treating. It'd be switched earlier in the spring, right when the sun was rising uncomfortably early. It worked so well with nature and my body's rhythms. Then Bush changed it to be shorter on each end by a couple weeks and I've felt out of whack every spring and autumn since then...until this year! My son has decided that he wants to go to bed at 7 PM and wake up at the crack of dawn, which is just a bit too for me. With the time change, he's now sleeping in till after 6 AM. Pure bliss. So for the first year since it happened, I haven't kicked off spring by cursing Bush's name, hopefully this is a sign of a particularly good year!