734: Water Tolerance

Exercise has been a real challenge. I love to move. I've been sadly without kendo since I got pregnant. I was all revved up to go back recently only to find out that they'd dropped the evening practice I was counting on and their weekend day practice does not fit in with my current schedule. I've started a tour of martial arts in the area, but in the meantime for the pure joy of exertion I bought Just Dance 2016. It's a lot like Zumba, a chance to let loose, let your mind wander and do what the title advertises. I love the breath and diversity of the moves, getting to do truly silly dance routines and there is something nice about getting to strip down to your skivvies and bop to music whenever and for however long you want, albeit I have to do it when the boy naps, but, hey, it's loads cheaper and more convenient than the gym!