721: The Great Outdoors

I recently learned about the concept of "microagressions". At first I dismissed it as a ridiculous politically correct construct to split hairs over the way people speak, however I was recently at the library a town over singing the praises of their new children's librarian. The lady behind the circulation desk said "Yeah, the new girl is really getting the hang of it." The librarian in question has two children, both already school aged, and more importantly is a seasoned and skilled at her job. Doesn't she at least deserve to be referred to as "person", "woman" or "lady"? Girl sounded so belittling. Moreover, she introduced herself to me as Miss S. Later when I realized how experienced she was at children's education and she told me that she had two kids of her own, I asked her why she went by Miss, as it seemed likely she was married. She said that Miss was easier for the toddlers to say than Missus, which is probably true, but what's wrong with Miz? That's what I use, after all it was created to decouple women's marital status from their polite titles. In conclusion, maybe there is something to be said for our choice of words and how the can give or take respect from those we talk with. I for one, shall teach my son to refer to her as Ms. S, not Miss.