720: Dangerous Sales

I understand why some people might be leery of acupuncture. I'm not sure I could explain how it works and I think science has trouble breaking it down. I can certainly attest that it works, but I can't tell you why. Chirpractry on the other hand, seems so simple I'm mystified as to why anyone doesn't trust it. I mean, we have this skeletal system, mainly made of joints, held together by ligaments and muscles. Nerves and veins pass through the bones and with a complex moving system like that, it seems logical that things might get a bit out of whack and cause pain. Yet I've listened to a couple podcasts about people with pain they're doctors couldn't diagnose and the shock that visits to the chiropractor made it go away. Why is this so surprising? I go to a chiropractor monthly at this point for my hands. Carrying the baby around means they constantly get out of alignment and make them a twingy. I consider it as necessary as oil changes for the car.