Why Cats are Great Training for Having Children

1. Cats acquaint you with the concept of "adoravile" that duel nature of beings who are impossibly cute and disgusting at the same time.

2. Cats will prepare you for the futility in owning delicate objects, as they will always be destined end up smashed on the floor.

3. Cats help you become accustomed to your charge randomly upchucking at any time.

4. Cats teach you that sometimes your precious little one wants to cuddle and other times s/he just feels like biting you.

5. Cats will remind you that while they love you, your main job is disposing of their waste, feeding them and helping with those tasks that require fine motor skills.

6. Cats know their names, they may even turn their heads, but you have almost zero chance of them actually doing what you want. Get used to this.

7. Cats redefine "clean" for you as that intermediate state where you've reset the obstacle course they intend to tear through again. "Messy" is the normal state.