699: Upsides

Yeah, I know, miscarriages is a pretty harsh topic for a webcomic. However, they're really common, like 20% of pregnancies end in auto abortion. Aside from the character Melinda is based on, I have a second friend who lost her fetus in the first trimester. It was awful, potentially even a contributing factor to her divorce. Yet, it's something natural and a part of the whole reproductive process. Making a tiny human isn't easy and it's reasonable that our bodies might not be able to get it right every time, better to throw out the project and start over. Jews, we don't do baby showers, we don't assumer there will be a baby till the baby is born and even then the more traditional won't name the kid until s/he has survived a week. Yes, it's pessimistic, but it sure makes miscarriages easier to handle. If miscarriages were something we talked about as a society, something we acknowledged as common and were supportive of, I think people would be a lot better off. So this strip is dedicated to any woman who ever had a pregnancy that didn't end in a baby. You're not alone. 

For the record "Melinda" is now the proud mother of three children.