691: Miscommunication

I've been hearing a lot on podcasts about this book the combat ready kitchen and while there are things I'd like to thank the military for, like the squeeze pouches my son's pureed foods come in or the process of powdering cheese we like on the occasional box of Annie's Shells & Cheese, it was mostly irrelevant to me. I didn't realize how out of the norm our household's eating habits were until this kept coming up. Aside from breakfast (frozen waffles or whole grain cereals) I pretty much make everything from scratch, including bread and treats. We don't have shelf stable goods unless it's things like flour, rice or pasta. We keep a huge freezer full of leftovers for quick and easy meals and I am obsessed with looking at ingredient lists. I actually drove 20 minutes to a local dairy to get the only source I can find of cream that doesn't have thickeners in it. (Seriously, almost every brand of cream has mono & diglycerides or guar gum and Kate's Creamery is the only brand of buttermilk I can find that's also devoid of additives). The irony too is that we eat meals for about 5 dollars a person, if you shop deals and have a big freezer, it's not like eating natural is expensive or hard and my requirement is every dinner must require 20 minutes or less of work start to finish, so it's not time consuming either.