509: Spinx

Well, all my wishes for snow have been answered! It's currently up to the windows, totally obscuring the Scottie sized fence in the backyard and just generally everywhere. Now paying for the tricked out snow blower doesn't seem so crazy. I haven't been playing in it as much as I'd like, but I enjoy standing out there and breathing in the cold winter scents. It brings back memories of skiing and romping in the snow up at Sugarloaf. It reminds me how we used to crawl along frozen brooks deep into the woods, dog in the lead, in case the ice was weak, or when I was older and we'd take walks around the sky resort neighborhood with all the crazy architecture. There was actually a house shaped like a diamond, resting on a point. I used to think I was hallucinating it till my dad saw it too and suggested we go look in the windows. Why would you build a house like that?