492: Surprise Ferret

So I've switched from wearing Naots for my winter shoes to Crocs. I had never really thought of Crocs as much of a brand until the pregnancy when I needed house slippers to take on the extra weight (managed to go the whole pregnancy without my feet widening!!). They always looked really cheap to me, but I actually found them to be extremely well built shoes with lots of bounce. Naots are awesome, but when the price of a pair rose to over $150 for clogs, which I will have worn to death by the end of the season, I just couldn't justify the expense. Crocs now also makes a clog and theirs are only $70, which is a much better deal, especially with turning credit card points into Zappos money. ^_^ They may not be as fashionable or fancy as the Naots, but they're darn good shoes.