503: Hazmat

I went to a lecture last week on children's nutrition. The woman giving the lecture was mother to four, had an impressive amount of letters after her names and a wealth of education. It was an interesting position to be in, because I felt I was in no position to argue with her much more researched opinions and I will give her that while I made a conscious decision to keep butter, whipped cream and Marscapone cheese in my diet, I would be healthier without dairy. On the other hand, telling me I should give up almost all meat...well, I just can't get behind it. Aside from the fact that I'm pretty much allergic to every legume aside from peanuts and chickpeas, I just don't feel that moderate consumption of meat is bad for my health. Moreover, while I'm a big fan of whole grains, unprocessed foods and generally eating healthy, I don't think the fact that I spent a childhood subsidizing my mother's healthy meals with packaged snack cakes, soda and other chemical laden junk food has negatively impacted my life. I was a healthy little kid and by the time my metabolism slowed down I'd decided on my own to eat better. I'll try to make healthy foods palatable to my son and future sibling, but I'm not going to send them to bed without dinner just because they don't like what I tried to serve!