431: Pregnant or Gasey

I don't understand the appeal of Tiffany's. I can understand having a love of beautiful, shiny jewelry. I mean, who doesn't like stuff that sparkles and shines, right? But to me Tiffany's is all soulless, expensive baubles. Why would I pay so much for something mass produced and generic? We had our wedding rings made by a wonderful artist in New York named Jelena Behrend. She makes pieces that shine with personality and part of the fun of asking her to make something is how opinionated she is on the subject. We commissioned a baby spoon from her that we'd planned to be purely ornamental, but we were told under no uncertain terms that we were to feed our baby with that spoon. As is, it'll probably be way more worth the money now that it's going to be a utility piece as well as a momento.  

Oh and on the topic of beautiful jewelry, you should check out this link that was sent to me. Come on, why get a Cartier piece when you could get something like that?