430: Calliope

As a kid, I always fought with art teachers, pretty much as far back as I can remember. They'd give us a project and I'd have a vision of exactly what I wanted to do with it, too bad the teachers always had all these rules and requirements for making our projects embody their vision. Middle school was probably when I went head to head with the art teacher the most. It drove her nuts that not only did I refuse to do the projects the way she wanted me to, but I then was praised by people for how well they turned out. You'd think from the comments she wrote that I was failing the class, but when they put your art project in the principal's office, the teacher   kind of has to give you at least an A-. It was things like she wanted us to make paper mache sea creatures, so I made a selke, a sculpture that on one side looked like a seal and you flipped it around and the other side was a woman. We did self portraits and she wanted us to map the faces all out in squares, but I insisted on doing half circles, because my face is round, not rectangular. By high school, I learned to just avoid fine art classes altogether. I did my creative projects on my own time and signed up for classes like music theory or dance composition. It made everything a lot less hostile and I got to learn a lot of cool things that I didn't feel the need to lock horns with the teacher about.