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So one of the things I've learned from moving so much is that you should always hold onto a copy of your medical records. You may not realize this, but in the United States the practice can only send the records from their office to another office, so if you gave them 5 years of records from 7 different doctors, if you switch practices you have to recollect everything a second time. The other annoying thing is that the people scanning your records might misfile or forget to scan something. In my case I had a doctor's office loose the results of the most vital diagnostic test I had done on the fetus I was carrying (I did track them down eventually and everything was A-OK, thank goodness) and then we switched doctors for the 3rd time (finally with a practice that takes good care of me), they forgot to scan the document about the ultrasound. Happily, having gotten wise (I don't know why it took me quite this long) about the flaws in the system, when I found out about the ultrasound scanning glitch or when the doctor's office apparently just never got the result of my gestational diabetes test (also fine), I could whip out my phone and show them the PDFs I had there. None of this is a perfect system and keeping records on your phone isn't a great plan if you're worried about someone having access to your medical history, but for me just having the records has been a great improvement. There's speculation that Apple might eventually roll out an app that will let you secure all your medical data on your phone and I so hope it becomes a reality, but for now, I'm just glad to have control over my own data!