397: Flight Risk

We seem to get a lot of bugs in the house (no grain moths so far, thank goodness!). We get moths and beetles and spiders and other insects that I can't even identify. You'd think that I just left the doors wide open all day, though honestly I think they sneak through the holes in the screens (eventually I have got to patch those…Last night I saw the coolest spider, it was like a normal little black spider, but on a Monster Truck chassis. Seriously, it's legs were like for times as big as they needed to be for such a small thorax. I'm afraid after its third appearance, my sweetheart killed it, as it was making him jump when he went to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. The only ones I kill are mosquitos, for obvious reasons, and ants, because I don't want them telling other ants to come join the fun. Though I suspect most of the other bugs end up in the stomachs of the two cats, so I guess any bug that steps foot in chez Skiba does not have a particularly great life expectancy.