396: Reasons

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I think I mentioned before that we rented goats for a week to take care of the poison ivy issue in the front yard? If not, there's a Happy Tail coming up about them. Anyway, one of the neatest things that came out of their sojourn on our land was that I got to meet a couple really neighbors. One of them is in her 80's and used to have a herd of goats 30+ strong. Nowadays she just does miniature ponies, but she had all sorts of interesting advice for if we wanted to get a couple goats permanently as well as advice on ducks. She's a fascinating woman, one of the founders of the American pygmy goat association and coincidentally we have the same taste in cookbooks. I found one that my mother had thrown out years ago and I'd been searching for ever since, as it had a favorite orange carrot soup recipe that I could find no equivalent of. It's nice to get to know people in the neighborhood, especially ones who have similar interests!