395: Manliness

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Weird in the best of ways…honestly I've had a lot of friends say they also didn't fit in, were branded as nerds, etc. but I swear I was unusual on a whole different level. From the get go I was so different I was never called a dork or dweb, I was mainly accused of not being human! I was the exception to every gender stereotype, I had no interest romance (I still maintain what is the point of school days dating when we were all too immature for it to mean anything lasting) and had as much sympathy for every other species on the planet as humans. In elementary school I was much more inclined to pretend I was a fox or a kangaroo rat than a human super hero. I think the reason I never got picked on, especially after I left Montessori school, was that I was really nice. My defense mechanism against the world was to just be really friendly to everyone and pretend that I didn't understand their complicated artificial web of petty social structures. Even bullies felt bad beating up someone with the personality of a puppy dog. That's what everyone would say, that Marjorie is really nice, very creative, and totally weird. It worked for me. I really have no complaints about school life other than that it's kind of lonely to be considered not a part of the group on the most basic level.