414: Dog's Life

I must say, the oddest thing about doing a webcomic has been reactions of my extended family. Some members have been confused at the whole concept of posting a comic on the internet at all. Some of them have been very encouraging and faithful readers. I had one person tell me that my comic was an insult, because how could I consider myself as a self taught, self made creator, on the same level as this person who had paid lots of money to go to an actual art school. I have to admit that one gave me weird dreams about other creators refusing to talk to me, because I didn't have a degree and giant pile of debt in cartooning. The thing is, I think I'm prouder of this strip, because it is something I learned to do from scratch. I had no clue how to use image editing software, make a website, use social media or prepare a book for print when I started a year and a half ago. However I learned all of it and while my art still isn't as good as I want it to be, I'm really proud of my accomplishments. The fact that you guys come back and read it every day, that some of you even like it enough to want to put a copy on your bookshelf really touches me. I made something, I was brave enough to put it out there and people have enjoyed it. It's not a huge impact like becoming a successful environmental activist or the president of some country, but it makes me feel like in my own small way, I did something to change the world for the better. I get to give people smiles and I'm am convinced the happier we all are, the better a world it is. So thank you, all of you, for allowing me to entertain you.