413: Reactions

It's funny, because my parents didn't let me watch violent things when I was young, I ended up seeing the really scary stuff: things that pinged as actually possible. I never have been afraid of monsters or serial killers. The likelihood of encountering one goes from extremely unlikely to impossible and in the case of the impossible stuff, if the world gets to have vampires and zombies, then it only goes to reason that I would be a kick-ass witch who could defeat them all with ease. So movies I remember from my childhood and teen years are as follows: Jumonji, Unico, Spirited Away, High Spirits and Beetleguese. The most interesting thing is I've gone back and rewatched a lot of them. I think Unico will always be the stuff of nightmares and I'd like to know why that movie was ever made in the first place! Beetleguese gets second place for not seeming disturbing on a viewing it again, but then me waking up at 2 AM to our amber nightlight in the bathroom and having a moment of panic that there was something demonic in there. The others just go on the list of not scary at all to vaguely disturbing, though to be honest I've never had the urge to even try to rematch Jumonji.