405: Bright Ideas

The quest for the perfect nightlight has ended. Our new house is a cape and the master bath is tucked under the eaves and has no natural light. Come 3 AM this is a problem, because you can't use the facilities without turning on the lights, which makes it hard to fall back asleep. A night light seemed a much cheaper solution than getting a light tube or skylight, which have a price tag at more than a thousand dollars. However, all the ones I could find were on the blue spectrum and advertised that they were extra bright. In vain I looked for a red light. I came close twice, but both times they were aimed at kids and of such a cutesy nature that my husband rejected them out of hand. Thankfully he found out GE makes little amber lights that are so dim that unless you've got full night vision going on don't really even work, which makes them great for that midnight bathroom break.