404: Best Laid Plans

So in other movie watching news, we saw Riddick recently. My sweetheart had heard that it got slammed for being antifeminist. Having now watched it I'm really surprised. Sure it failed the Betchel test, because with only two women in the entire movie, it's kind of hard for them to having a meaningful conversation with each other, especially since one was more of a plot point than a character, but the one female who was central to the plot kicked serious butt. I think naming her ms. Dahl was probably a mistake, but I don't think you could ask for a more empowered woman in a gritty, horror-SF flick. Apparently one of the main complaints was the reference to rape in the film. I find this particularly fascinating, because it was first used to establish that one of the antagonist was a truly vile human being and in the second instance he actually tries to violate Dahl, pins her to the floor and is in a position where in pretty much every other film I've seen the woman is either screwed or saved by someone else. In this case neither thing happens. The scene cu