394: Mace

I sometimes wonder if my parents are mystified that their children turned out to be so odd. Daddy was one of those bad boys with a heart of gold that you read about in fiction, forever getting in trouble, who one day woke up and realized that he needed to get his life in order. Mommy the quintessential good girl, straight A student, perfect nails and hair etc. I'll have to tell their love story sometime, it's storybook perfect. Anyway, all three of us girls have always been very independent and different. Maybe it's that Mommy never made us conform to the fashions of the day, or that Daddy used to always mock us when we didn't know how to use a power tool or fix the car (what are you going to do, flutter your eyelashes and ask a man to help you?), or maybe it's just that we were born in the 80's and raised with 1950's values, but whatever the reason we were always sort of weird in the best of ways.