370: Dead Things

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We went shopping for a bed the other day and checked out Restoration Hardware. I really liked their styling, the prices seemed good and their Boston show room is in a museum building, so we had really high hopes. Sadly they were dashed quite quickly. All that space and barely anything on display. They didn't even have swatches of most stuff and kept directing us to their website. For all that they branded themselves to look all exciting, they weren't that impressive. Simple Human on the other hand is very cool. We have several of their products, a trash can with recycling receptacle cozied up in the same container, a super paper towel dispenser and a couple hampers. They aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for. Our hampers were showing signs of wear, I sent photos to the company and within minutes they sent me a notice saying they were UPSing new hamper bags to our house free of charge. I'd rather buy something expensive and superior once, than the annoyance of an inferior, badly thought out product that I have to shell out more money to replace every couple of years.