392: Braille

Book 003 392 - Braille.png

So it's been roughly six months since the Kickstarter, my publishing of the first print collection, my first convention experience and starting to run advertising on the site, which means I could take a hard look at my finances and really calculate what my profits were for the period. The exciting thing about it is that I'm officially in the black and thus finally was able to execute on my mission statement i.e. give 10% of profit to a worthy animal rescue group. In this case, that group was The Standish Humane Society.

I've long felt that even the nicest of shelters is in a lot of ways a glorified prison. However this place made me question that generalization. I have never seen a shelter so nice. It was actually a house purchased in the 90's full of happy, healthy, well pampered cats roaming about its many rooms. They move about 400 cats a year, much more inclined to take in a stray than a surrender and clearly give every kitty there fabulous care. I got a tour of the entire facilities, met many a cuddly feline and a few very feisty ones. It was a real pleasure to give my very first donation to their worthy rescue group.