357: Driving

Amid all the necessary home improvements like de-mossing the roof, redoing the dryer ventilation, getting a stove fan that doesn't spew nicotine fumes, petitioning the town for a guard rail so people don't crash in the front moat etc. one really exciting chore stands out: removing poison ivy from the property. I know this doesn't sound all the fun or glamorous, but get this, we get to rent a herd of goats for a week to eat it all! They're going to be penned in, but I'm allowed to lead them around on a leash for spot eating. What's even cooler is unlike sheep or cows, they don't graze to the ground, so grass and moss are safe and plants like ferns grow back quickly with the help of their airrating hooves and fertile manure. I'm totally planning the house warming party for the Saturday we have goats.