369: Mixed Signals

Book 003 369 - Mixed Signals.png

So now we've officially moved for the second time in six months. This one took a much bigger toll on my buffer and I somehow managed to loose all my art supplies for several days until my husband noticed an inconspicuous suitcase hiding in a closet that I hadn't opened yet. Anyway, for the first time, I thought I was not only going to run out of comics, but have no ability to make them in the manner I have become accustomed. It was then that it really hit me how much I love working on this strip. I had a back up plan (Rab Cat answers e-mails, which will probably appear at some later date), but it wasn't the same and I felt like something really integral to my happiness had been taken away from me. In the year and a half I have been doing this comic, it has become as important a part of my life as martial arts, reading and cooking, it has become part of what makes my life so wonderful and worth living. So thank you all for showing how much you enjoy reading it and here's to many more years of kitty comics!