363: Distractions

Over the weekend we watched Armageddon. It was on my husband's father's list of favorite movies. He tends to like films with truly epic stakes and romantic bents. I enjoyed it, though I thought they held the tension too long and it would have been stronger with a bit less going wrong. What struck me at the beginning of the film was that you can tell if it's an action movie or a horror one by what happens to the pets. We'd watched a horror movie a few months ago, Storage 24, and it was obvious right off the bat that we were in for the sort of ride that ended with almost everyone dead and those left alive traumatized simply by the fact that the dog went to go check out the disturbance and ended up as a grisly stain on the concrete. Armageddon by contrast, like Independence day, seemed to go to ridiculous depths to keep the pooch alive, no matter how many humans were wiped out off screen. If the dog lives you know it is going to be a generally up lifting ride.