344: Rabsuke Roams

There are some products I feel really passionate about: robotic vacuum cleaners, Naot sandals, Squarespace for websites...but I think the one I am most adamant about is memory foam mattresses. We ended up getting one originally because it seemed cheaper and less of a hassle than the traditional coil and box spring type, but after sleeping on it just a little bit we were both totally spoiled. It's amazing, no matter how weird a position I decide to sleep in, I never get stiff in the morning. While a lot of other pregnant women are complaining of having trouble sleeping, I've been able to get a good night's rest, regardless of how I'm laying in the bed. The only downside is that in the winter, before the body heat has warmed it up, that mattress is hard as a rock, but it's worth it for a consistently good night's sleep.