341: Test of Worth

I don't think I would have ever thought it possible as a teenager, but I've actually hit the point where I find myself experiencing genre fatigue. I rarely read fantasy anymore, never a historical romance and when it comes to all the typical types of manga, I've become very picky. So I must say when a friend lent me the first Iron Druid book, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's typical urban fantasy, it's hook being druids as opposed to the tired vampires or werewolves, and it's impressively well executed. I'm looking forward to reading the whole series and what's really cool is that on the author's website, there's a link to buying the books signed and personalized by him from his favorite book store at no extra cost. This is the link. If you're looking for an old school urban fantasy with a fresh feel, I really recommend giving it a go.