338: Fine Print

Book 002 338- Fine Print.png

I went to MeCAF over the weekend. It was my first time exhibiting and a good place to get my feet wet. It was a very small con and people didn't have very deep pockets, but I still managed to sell a respectable number of books and I had a blast. I shared a half table with my friend Sadie, creator of the webcomic Small Peculiar, who turned out to be quite the saleswoman. I think half the people who stopped at our little table did so because she hailed them in a humorous manner. My husband kept bringing us baked goods he found in down town Portland and my father even stopped by to say hello. I traded a copy of Seeking Shelter for Kitty Nirvana, because I always love seeing other people's cat comics ideas and I got a signed copy of Amulet vol. 1!