331: Rules of Play

My husband pointed out yesterday that I don't break in shoes, I break in my feet. He's absolutely right. I've always been a great fan of sandals, ever since I was small. I started wearing Birkenstocks when I was in 2nd grade, long before they really even made kid sizes. In my 20's I switched over to Naots, which are similar, but more stylish, have a bit of cushion over the cork and a bit of a lift, which I needed after I got tendonitis. I start wearing them as soon as the first crocus blooms and don't retire them until the first snow fall of the year. Since sandals don't lend themselves to socks and there is very little material to begin with, getting new shoes involves not stretching them to fit my feet, but building up the necessary calluses, so that they don't rub my feet raw and since I never get the same style twice, I need to condition my feet to a new set of calluses, yep, breaking in my feet.