306: Frankenkitty

I read an article recently by a woman of Italian-Irish descent who had married a Haitian and was complaining about how people all showed curiosity in her blonde, dark skinned, very African looking child and how she considered their behavior the height of racism. I found the article interestingly narrow minded and touchy. When my sisters and I were little we all looked so radically different from my parents that my mother was asked on more than one occasion what adoption agency she used, if my older sister's father was black, and on one occasion almost couldn't get back into the country with me, because customs was convinced they had kidnapped me from my real, presumably Asian parents. The last was uncomfortable, but the other stuff, the constant interest in our heritage and parentage she was kind of proud of. It was a testament to the diversity of hers and my father's gene pools.  As a kid I used to relish listing off all the countries my ancestors hailed from and then point out that they were all Jewish culturally Jewish. I still find it kind of flattering when people in varying degrees of tactfulness try to figure out my ethnic heritage. You don't have to be half black half white to garner a lot of curiosity and you also don't have to consider it insulting. I say, embrace the curiosity and help show the world that there really is no such thing as race and looking exotic is something to be proud of.