325: Zombie Cat

The thing about being an artist is that you are never wholly satisfied with your work. You finish a piece, admire it's beauty and then start seeing all its flaws. I'm convinced that's what keeps us getting better and better. I promised myself I wouldn't redraw any of the strips, because once you start, where do you stop? You'll always think you can do better. However, as we come close to the end of volume 2 I've started prepping files for print. The first 100 or so were done in Photoshop and I pretty much had my technique down. After that they are done in Manga Studio, which could do a whole lot more of what I wanted, but required me figuring out how to do it. I suspect to most of you the drop in technical precision was imperceptible, but as the creator it drives me crazy looking back and seeing sloppily applied tone or slightly off centered panels. So I decided that part of my prep for print will be going back and cleaning up the images. It's neat to see how much I've learned in the past three months, although among other things is that I want to switch software again…hopefully the transition to Acorn will be a bit more smooth!