321: Gotta Do

Book 002 321 - A Girl's Gotta Do.png

I've always had a fondness for wearing skirts and other girly clothes, which seem to be perpetually devoid of pockets. For about as long I've had a loathing of purses. It seems non-sensical to carry around all your precious items in an easily snatchable bag. My first martial arts instructors suggested getting a gun belt. It sounded crazy, but he was right. I still swear by the bodyguard for international travel. It was totally invisible under my clothes and I survived a couple years in Asia without ever being pick pocketed. It fits pretty much everything from cell phone to passport and all things considered it's pretty comfortable. The only problem is you can't wear it with dresses. So I took the advice of another martial arts friend and switched to a sporran, which is after all essentially a Scottish man bag. They aren't that hard to find online and work really well.