316: Mood Breaker

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I've mentioned before my new found fondness for horror movies. Below are five I'd recommend for those who don't like violent, bloody films and want something resembling a happy ending:

1. The Others: A woman is housebound with her two children who have a rare condition that makes sunlight poison to them and something in the house seems determined to do them harm. This movie is best if you know as little about it as possible. 

2. Haunter: A ghost of a teenage girl and her family are trapped living the same day over and over again. The current resident of the house gets in touch with the ghost and asks for her help in overthrowing a malignant spirit that is out to kill her family.

3. Mama: Two girls go with their father to an abandoned cabin in the woods. He tries to commit suicide with them, but a ghost kills him first and raises the girls as her own. Years later the girls' uncle finds them and tries to bring them back to society. The movie has strong fairy tale undertones.

4. Pan's Laybrinth: A mix of fairy tale and depressing WWII story (are there any that aren't?), the movie deals a lot with magical reality and perception. 

5. The Ward: Takes place in the 1950's about a psychiatric ward. With unreliable narrators and a reality that seems to always be changing, it's a very interesting ride.