313: Not the Size That Counts

I got the weirdest e-mail the other day. Some school telling me that they'd found Seeking Shelter useful for their LGBT People in Comics data base. I honestly thought it was sent to me by mistake and politely e-mailed them back telling them that having called out in one strip that I had two characters that were bisexual really didn't count as it being a comic that fit that header. It's a comic about animal rescue, not sex lives, but the school wrote back insisting my site was helpful. I find this most puzzling. Regardless of what your morals or religion say, it's pretty much a fact that the majority of the population is attracted to the opposite sex, some subset is attracted to both and a small percentage is attracted to the same sex. This is a phenomenon that has been scientifically proven to span many many species including our own. I'm pretty sure everyone has at least some passing acquaintance who isn't heterosexual, so calling out a comic just for acknowledging that different sexual orientations exist is like trying to catalog any comic that has any character who isn't of European heritage. It's 2014, I think, regardless of how any individual feels about it, we can all acknowledge that different sexual orientations exist. It shouldn't be a big enough deal that one strip out 300+ making a passing reference should get touted as an LGBT comic. I still don't understand why, unless you're looking for a hot date of compatible sexuality, sexual orientation should matter. I really hope that like religious diversity, ethnic diversity and political diversity, some day soon sexual diversity is just considered a routine part of society. We're all different. Most of us are good people and the categories we fall into really make no difference at all.