298: Worst Last Names

This is actually taken from a real list that I used to keep. I took the last names from business associates I ran into over the years. I know is in some times and places it's just expected that the woman takes the man's last name and in other's that she'll keep her own. I personally like the unity of a shared last name for the whole family and had no particular attachment to my maiden name, but there was no way I was going through life as Mrs. Finkbohner. Seriously Seeking Shelter by Marjorie Finkbohner? I don't think so. Happily I married someone with 15924 people in Poland and very few in the U.S. I have the privilege of pretty much being the only Marjorie Skiba that comes up on a web search. I rather like that though now I have a first name no one can spell and a last name no one can even parse. Can't have everything!