263: Taste

Strip 263.png

It's only four days until my birthday. I'm going to be thirty three. I realize that I'm probably getting into the age range where I'm supposed to coyly say "A lady doesn't reveal her age." or make all sorts of dramatic comments about how I'm getting old, but I'm proud of my age. I'm proud that I've almost existed for thirty three years and I'm really proud of all the things I've done. As far as I'm concerned life just keeps getting better and better and every year is filled with accomplishments to celebrate. For instance that I've attained my ten year goal of finding a life mate and moving back to New England. I also have now been updating this comic for more than a year with only one late posting. Hopefully next year I'll get to celebrate the completion of new goals like get a puppy, buy a house and get this darn print collection of Seeking Shelter into people's hands!