289: Scale

Strip 289.png

We explored Newbury street in Boston over the weekend. Boston in general feels so sleepy compared to New York, but the retail stores certainly aren't a distant second to the big apple. We saw half a dozen sweets shops and bought some marzipan at the most amazing chocolate shop. They were like what I expect Godiva should be like and yet isn't. You could get hot cocoa as a blend or 8 different single source flavors. They had chocolate mice and penguins in their truffle case and a selection of little cakes to go with the cocoa that looked absolutely delectable. The other neat find was the fairy shop, a gift store specializing in the whimsical. It was run by the owner who spent a good deal of time chatting with us about giving mermaids candies when he surfed and how cats and fairies get along great. It was the sort of experience you could never get online.