278: Taming the Beast

Strip 278.png

It's always struck me as odd that so much erotica is referred to as 'dirty'. In webcomics there are several large sites committed to delivering stories with steamy subject matter. In general it's not a topic I go out of my way to read. I'm a strong believer that some things are better experienced than observed as third party. However, if I like the author or there is some sort of neat angle, I'm certainly not above reading a story with some pretty intimate sections or one with copious sexual humor provided the writing is witty enough. That said anything that proclaims itself as 'dirty' or 'perverse' immediately goes on my list of not even worth considering. Love making should be a joyful expression of affection between two people with a strong bond. I have no interest in reading stories that trivialize it to an empty act of base urges and instinct.