The Kickstarter Thanks Yous

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karen Davis! Your contribution helped so much! You rule!

Thank you

Brett A. Fernau

My first backer, a Happy Tails Contributor, a great fan, a friend and a fellow creator. You're stupendous!

Thank you

Sarah Frisk

Fellow Mainer, webcomics buddy and guest strip contributor. You rock!

Thank you Hexyr

Of whom I know nothing about except that you stumbled upon my Kickstarter campaign. Your support is most greatly appreciated! You're the bee's knees!

Thank you Jonathan Lieblan!

Your generous support pushed the first stretch goal through so very quickly and helped fire up the  campaign. You are a marvelous!

Thank you

Athena Mizelle

You sent me my first piece of fan mail and have consistently been my delightfully chattiest reader and most prolific Happy Tails contributor. Your support has helped keep this comic going strong! You're wonderful!

Many thanks to 

Gil Hova

Board game designer, basis for the character of Sol and one of my dearest friends. You're as cool as a business of ferrets!

My thanks to Kathleen Maynard.

Whom has contributed multiple Happy Tails and been a devoted reader. You're just fabulous!

Barbara Smith

How can I ever thank you enough for your extremely generous donation to the campaign. It's your pledge that pushed us so quickly to the second stretch goal. You're the cat's pajamas!

Thank you Auntie Helen and Paige! Sometime soon Michael and I will get out to California to see you guys and the cats. You're fantastic!

Thank you Walter Bryan, of discerning, taste who found me through Tavern Wenches.  

You're the spiffiest!

Thank you Steven and Jeanette Skiba!

My parents by marriage and all around great people.

You're bodacious!

Thank you Mere, one of my best friends and probably the only person on the planet who had to spend an hour signing up for Kickstarter, because she actually read all the agreements. I admire your thoroughness and dedication. You're remarkable!

Thank your Robin Hu! 

A friend I made during the timeline of the comic,

who has been a true blue pal for years.

You're 3  diablos cool.

Thank you FF/Medic Fawn Colombatto!

Fan, animal lover and person of consequence. I hold you in high esteem!

Thank you Mickey Spencer! 

Fellow lover of cat comics and print collections.

You're terrific!

Beth Friedman

My thanks to you! Friend and fellow lover of orange tabbies. 

You're swell!


I give thanks to Rachel Dworkin. Dear friend for more than a decade, fellow bibliophile and all around good person. You're exceptional! 

Karen Kelly

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You're admirable!