270: Rab Cat's Beginnings


Strip 270.png

This weekend I'm throwing myself a small birthday party. I'm the only one of my siblings who still does this, but I firmly believe if it was good enough when I was six, it's good enough now. I even follow pretty much the same format: goody bags, bountiful cake, costumes and lots of laughter. When I was a teenager we had a huge house and used to hide the goody bags around the house and weave a maze of yarn that the guests had to follow to collect their party favors. It was a great way to give them a tour and break the ice. In retrospect it was also an impressive fire hazard, but wow was it fun. Somewhere around high school people started showing up a half hour late and then staying an hour longer than the invite said, but  this didn't really bother me, I just planned accordingly. To this day I still try and have the parties in the afternoon, so I'm not expected to serve a meal and people leave when they get hungry. As kids everyone would gorge on cake, but nowadays people rarely even have seconds of the cake.