267: Is That a Kitten in Your Pocket?

Strip 267.png

I love the snow. It's one of things that excites me about moving back East. It's not just the fond memory of snow days as a kid, those magical times when you'd wake up to an odd half light, rush to the radio to hear if school was canceled and then spend a joyful morning frolicking in the white, but a feeling that if it's cold outside, I want the consolation of it being beautiful outside. On top of that, the snow reflects off the sunshine in such a way that winter days with snow are much brighter than those where the ground is bare. Last week was a real treat with two snow storms in one week. I had a great time frolicking in it, watching how the ocean changed during the weather and I even enjoyed shoveling the driveway. Yes, I know I'm crazy, but I sure am happy!