488: Rice

So here's my top picks for media I watched in 2014

The Newsroom: From the creator of the West Wing, it's a drama about a news show that has decided not to pander to anyone and show events for what they are. It's particularly thrilling, because it takes place in the past and using real events, so as a viewer you know how big a deal events are that the cast is unaware of. If you identify as a Tea Party Republican, you will probably find the show offensive, for anyone else, I'd say it is a truly engrossing show.

Future Diary: This anime is truly twisted. It's an urban fantasy battle royal where a few select people have diaries that can read the future in a distinctly different way. For all its darkness, the ending was satisfying happy and getting to it was an amazing journey.

Psycho Pass: A SF anime about a world where a government machine constantly calculates the chances that you will commit a crime and pre-codemns people based on their emotional state. Very dark, a bit gruesome, but a thrilling face paced ride with a satisfying ending.

Attack on Titans: If you're into anime I suspect you know this series. The manga was the first to de-throne One Piece as a best seller in, perhaps, forever. It totally lives up to the hype, albeit a very different kind of story. I'd best equate it to a zombie tale, except in this case they are giants. While the setting is bleak, it's a story all about overcoming the impossible and beating the odds.

Over the Garden Wall: This American light horror cartoon is surreal and delightful. I find the character designs a bit rough, which is interesting, because the architectural details in the world are the best I've ever seen. If you're a history buff, it's very neat to watch, and for anyone else it's just a very interesting ride. The whole thing is told in 10 minute episodes and until the end, you aren't quite sure what's happening.

Mixology: This is totally different than anything else on this list. It isn't scary or exciting or even addictive, what is is the best show about relationships that I've seen. Ones that work, ones that don't…it follows a diverse group of people at bar and what transpires in a single night. The story telling technique is very fresh and the show absolutely satisfying. You can watch it on Hulu.