459: Kit's 3rd Cat

A couple days ago I braved public transportation to take my son for a hearing appointment. He'd failed his hearing test at the hospital and I was obligated to make him an appointment to have him screened within the first few weeks or they wouldn't let me leave the hospital. The only one I could get was in Boston at 8:30 AM. I ended up having to brave two subway transfers and the commuter rail, not fun. The result was that he might have some ranges of sound that he can't hear and I have to take him for yet another follow up, though thankfully not in Boston proper again. The staff seems impressed that I'm blasé about it, but really having not great hearing doesn't seem like such a big deal. It's not like he's completely deaf and if this means that his proportionally large tapered hands will not do him good becoming the next piano virtuoso, because he's potentially tone deaf, it all seems a lot better than any number of other scientific abnormalities he could have been born with. No one's perfect after all.