470: Collector

My mother always bought me tons of clothes as a kid and as a result I never really valued them. There was just a never ending stream of exciting, brightly colored garments for me to choose from. Over the years I've gone through phases where my wardrobe has grown and shrunk depending on my circumstances (living in Asia I only had 7 outfits), I even purged the whole thing after a bed bug incident, but in general I've always had a plentiful supply of cheap clothes that means I have something for any occasion. This year has been a challenge. Post pregnancy, I have a closet full of options and pretty much none of them fit right. I have about 10 or 15 pounds of survive-a-bad-winter-while-nursing cushioning and my hips are now permanently quite a bit more hour glass. So, I've actually taken a page out of my husband's book and am wearing the same pair of jeans all week. They actually are jeans my husband bought, which turned out to be a size too small and with a belt fit me surprisingly well. They were made by Gustin, which specializes in very fancy jeans at a fraction of the cost, though at$85 they're still way more than I usually spend on clothes. In fancy jeans culture, you're not supposed to wash jeans, you freeze them when they get stinky and they're supposed to conform to the wearer's shape and gain wear marks unique to the individual. This actually works really well, because I can wipe off the baby drool, wear them all week and throw them in steam cycle on the dryer once a week. Because the fabric is so thick, the drool doesn't actually seep through the pants, so I don't feel gross all day. But best of all is how roomy the seat of the pants are. I am reminded of advice a college friend gave me over a decade ago "never buy pants in the women's section. If you want a comfy pair of denim, you go to the men's section."