465: Tom in Boots

So just FYI, I signed up for an Amazon Affiliates account. All it means is that if I link to something on Amazon and you buy it, I get a small percentage of the profits. I'm not going to turn this site into some sort of shopping destination, it just occurred to me that I've mentioned enough neat stuff that I like that I might as well do it. So below are some highlights for cool things I've gotten off of Amazon:

Ubbi Diaper Pail: Also good for cat litter. Isn't icky to use like a diaper genie, great construction, uses regular trash bags, no stink and no fuss.

Neato robovac: I consider one of the indispensable items to making my marriage work. Runs every day, keeps the house cat hair free enough that allergic friends can stay over, schedule-able, much more thorough than the Roomba.

Seconds, Anya's Ghost, RASLand Habibi amazing comic books that I'd recommend to anyone. Listed in order of least to most mature.