462: Brown Mimi

Of all the things of which I sing praises for, I never would have thought that one of them would be a trash can. We bought an Ubbi for the changing area upstairs. It felt ridiculously overpriced, but as I'd learned from the kitchen trash, best not to get the cheaps on these things. My mother generously got us a Diaper Genie for the downstairs. It's amazing how quickly the differences became clear. The Ubbi is solid metal construction, it takes regular trash bags and has a gasket that makes them easy to fold back into the can. It's easy to open and seals smell as soon as it's closed. The Diaper Genie on the other hand is light plastic that the robo-vac can push around. The lid isn't as easy to open and while it does a great job of sealing the smell, it requires special bags and worst of all shoving them through a pressured opening. When we ran out of the special bags, I agreed with my husband that I was down shoving icky diapers through the wet maw of the thing and that we'd get another Ubbi. We figure after we're done with kids they'll be great to put by the litter box and diapers are gross enough as is without having to handle them more than necessary.