Kickstarter Thank Yous

My heartfelt thanks to Rikki,

best maid of honor at my wedding and staunch supporter of the comic.

Many thanks to Mickey Spencer & Nightshade.

Hearing from fans like you always motivates me to try to make the comic even better.

Thank you Mere, your desire to be the beta is always endearing. 

Angela Mitchell, from one comics creator to another, thank you for your continued support!

Gil Hova, as ever, thanks for everything.

Thank you "People Who Adore You", I adore you guys too!

Muchos gracias Blake Kuhre

and congrats again on your own very cool and successful Kickstarter.

Athena Mizelle, my thanks go out to you. I can't think of anything more effusive to say than in the last Kickstarter's Thank You page, so I'll settle for "keep being awesome"!

Auntie Helen, thank you ever so much

for continuing to support me in

my comicking endeavors!

Sometime soon we'll make it out for a West Coast visit.


Brett and Carol Fernau,

I lack the words to thank you for

your generous and consistent