437: Dress Code

So here's the top stupid things I've done over the last 8 months that I attribute to "Pregnancy Brain."

5. Despite repeated evidence to the contrary, was convinced I should have an instant bond with other people who were pregnant. Most notably, a goat.

4. Compared my pregnancy progress to other people. The most foolish of these being to that same goat. 

3. Spending an indeterminate amount of time walking around balancing a gallon of milk on my elbow for no reason I can fathom. This ended with a lot of spilled milk.

2. Locking myself out of the house around noon. Being embarrassed that I did it and doing yard work until my husband came home at the end of the workday with his set of keys.

1. Getting an important piece of mail, immediately taking care of it, promptly forgetting that I did so, not telling my husband, then getting hysterical months later that it must have gotten lost in the mail and jumping through a whole lot of hoops to recoup it, only to find out that we had a statement back from April saying we'd taken care of it. Frighteningly on that one, I was told that this happens a lot and to people not attempting manufacture tiny humans.